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AIM - RD020 Process Questionnaire
RD020 – Business Requirement Gathering

The RD020 process questionnaire presents below:

• Schedule, confirm, and prepare for process definition sessions by business area.
• Identify the core business processes (level 1 if you are using Oracle Business Models) and write a summary description of each process.
• Conduct interviews using the questionnaires and other sources of information to clarify questions you have identified.
• Gather any other current business materials that may enhance team understanding and documenting of current business process requirements.
• Identify any issues regarding the current business analysis.
• Review the Current Business Baseline with users and business area management.
• Secure acceptance of the Current Business Baseline from business area management.
• Secure acceptance of the Century Date compliance approach described

Note: The AIM Methodology Provides a Questionnaire for every module which you have to modify to suit to your Business

• The AIM Methodology Provides a Questionnaire for every module which you have to modify to suit to your Business
• Some Companies will have Clearly defined Processes and some companies DO NOT know clearly what is the Process followed.
• The Consultant needs to be clever enough to question the client and extract the right information
• In case if they DO NOT have the Processes, Documenting them is very important
• DO NOT use same Questionnaire for all clients as the Business Model will vary from client to client in same industry.
• Client will try to include what they expect in the Oracle Applications also in this list – Try to avoid or keep it separate as an expectation from the client
• Some Clients expects the same Solution in Oracle also which they current system is offering
– DO NOT admit if it is NOT Possible and it is a process of Change Management in the whole implementation.

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Thanks given by:
hy, thank you so much for this interresting post, is it possible to have the same document in french language?

Thanks given by:
I am going to Implement Project Managment Module R12 and I want all the document like questioner and BR100 ,and all things that cabn help me to do that,Hope you can help me on that .
Thanks given by:
I am not able to view/download this document. Is this rights issue?
Thanks given by:
(09-20-2012, 08:23 PM)rajnehar Wrote: Hi,
I am not able to view/download this document. Is this rights issue?
What issue you are facing ? this link is in working condition
Thanks given by:
thank you so much
Thanks given by:
Hi, I got RD020 to fill in. I am not Process Expert but Financial Controller and some questions I simply do not understand. Is there any sample RD020 with answers that could help me understand what I am specificaly asked about?
Thanks in advance.
Thanks given by:
Amazing questionnaire... thanks so much for making this public.. do you have a material for gathering requirements at level 1 process understanding... which would be used for proposal preparation.
Thanks given by:

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