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Defaulting a Receipt Form for Remit to Address
I need to Default another Address for Same Operating Unit while creating Transactions in AR, under Receipt Form for Remit To Address. I have Given Postal Code 00000 to 9999 for CA County, How could I map another State under Same OU. Do I need to tag Customer Bill to Address with Remit to Address. If yes, then through which navigation ?

Arvind Singh
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i think you need to create another site under customer master for OU to use different remit to address.
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That I did already, But we need to Default newly created "Remit to Address" but system still showing first one as static.

(12-05-2014, 11:50 PM)Ryan Adam Wrote: i think you need to create another site under customer master for OU to use different remit to address.
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You can only have one default remit-to address for each country and state combination. For example, you can have one default remit-to address for United States/California, one for United States/Nevada, and so on.

You will follow the same steps as just to define remit to address and at the end enter 'Default value' in the Country field, or select this from the list of values.
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