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AP Inoice track to GL
aia.INVOICE_ID "Invoice Id",
     aia.INVOICE_NUM "Invoice Number",
     aia.INVOICE_DATE "Invoice Date",
     aia.INVOICE_AMOUNT "Amount",
     xal.ENTERED_DR "Entered DR in SLA",
     xal.ENTERED_CR "Entered CR in SLA",
     xal.ACCOUNTED_DR "Accounted DR in SLA",
     xal.ACCOUNTED_CR "Accounted CR in SLA",
      gjh.je_source ,
     gjl.ENTERED_DR "Entered DR in GL",
     gjl.ENTERED_CR "Entered CR in GL",
     gjl.ACCOUNTED_DR "Accounted DR in GL",
     gjl.ACCOUNTED_CR "Accounted CR in GL",
     xal.ACCOUNTING_CLASS_CODE "Accounting Class",
         ||gcc.SEGMENT7 "GL_Code Combination",
     aia.INVOICE_CURRENCY_CODE "Inv Curr Code",
     aia.PAYMENT_CURRENCY_CODE "Pay Curr Code",
     aia.GL_DATE "GL Date",
     xah.PERIOD_NAME "Period",
     aia.PAYMENT_METHOD_CODE "Payment Method",
     aia.VENDOR_ID "Vendor Id",
     aps.VENDOR_NAME "Vendor Name",
     xah.JE_CATEGORY_NAME "JE Category Name"
     apps.ap_invoices_all aia,
     xla.xla_transaction_entities XTE,
     apps.xla_events xev,
     apps.xla_ae_headers XAH,
     apps.xla_ae_lines XAL,
     apps.gl_je_headers gjh,
     apps.gl_je_lines  gjl,
     apps.gl_code_combinations gcc,
     apps.ap_suppliers aps
aia.INVOICE_ID = xte.source_id_int_1
and xev.entity_id= xte.entity_id
     and xah.entity_id= xte.entity_id
     and xah.event_id= xev.event_id
     and XAH.ae_header_id = XAL.ae_header_id
--     and XAH.gl_transfer_status_code= 'Y'
     and gir.GL_SL_LINK_TABLE = xal.GL_SL_LINK_TABLE
     and gjl.JE_HEADER_ID=gjh.JE_HEADER_ID
     and gjh.JE_HEADER_ID=gir.JE_HEADER_ID
     and gjl.JE_HEADER_ID=gir.JE_HEADER_ID
     and gir.JE_LINE_NUM=gjl.JE_LINE_NUM
    and aia.VENDOR_ID=aps.VENDOR_ID
and aia.INVOICE_DATE between :Invoice_from and :invoice_to
--   and gcc.segment1 = 01 
--     and gjh.STATUS='P'
     and gjh.Actual_flag='A'
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