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How to Add DFF into Fixed Assets Web ADI
I want to add DFF into Fixed Assets Web ADI worksheet. Please guide what to do?

(03-10-2014, 11:58 PM)umar79 Wrote: Hi
I want to add DFF into Fixed Assets Web ADI worksheet. Please guide what to do?
Follow the following steps to add DFF on fixed assets mass addition's web adi (R12).

1. Go to responsibility "Desktop Integrator".

2. Open "Define Layout" form

3. Select integrator "Fixed Assets - Additions"

4. Select your web adi layout. It is available when you opened mass addition web adi form from FA responsibility (FA-> Mass Additions -> Additions Integrator). Default layout is "Add Assets - Detailed".

5. Click on update layout button.

6. you will get layout name text box. Press on Next button.

7. Required Fields page will open. Scroll down to attributes columns. Select particular DFF columns and press Apply button.

Now open the web adi you will able to see particular DFF columns.

Umar Farooq
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