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Creating ODG for DB part of Oracle Apps R12.1.3
I am to create Oracle Data Guard for my current running Oracle Application version R12.1.3 with DB version 11gR2 (file system) to 2 Node RAC in Exadata Machine on ASM Disk Group.

Please provide the doc. id's or the steps to perform the same.

One thing more, do I need to take special precautions for my Application Tier? Do I need to apply some additional patches on Application Tier before creating the ODG for the DB part??

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You can check Oracle MOS follwoing notes:
Using Active Data Guard Reporting with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.1 and Oracle Database 11g [ID 1070491.1]
Question on Active Data Guard Reporting With EBS R12.1 [ID 1451500.1]
Business Continuity for Oracle E-Business Release 12 Using Oracle 11g Physical Standby Database [ID 1070033.1]
if you still have any question, please post here, will bhe happy to help you out.

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Thanks for the update Kashif !!

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Hello Kashif,

I have created ODG for my R12.1.3 database ( with 2 Node RAC (ASM Disk Group). And then after role reversal, I broke the ODG. Now, I want to configure my APPS Tier (R12.1.3) with the 2 Node RAC, but I am wondering how to perform it?? I am also to add one more node to application tier inorder to configure the PCP and DNS load balancer.

2 Node RAC is cluster ware grid installed on ASM disk group.

I have performed the ODG creation as core DBA practice and reversed the role and broke the ODG, as, now my DB Tier is on 2 Node RAC.

Please suggest. Your valuable comment would definitely ease my burden.

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Hi Sandy, You can go through to following MOS docs.
Implementing Load Balancing On Oracle E-Business Suite - Documentation For Specific Load Balancer Hardware [ID 727171.1]
Using Load-Balancers with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 [ID 380489.1]

if you will have specific question after reviewing docs, do let us know
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