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Full Version: PaaS 4 SaaS ERP Cloud Integration with ICS
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In this lab we will build integration to ERP Cloud. We will build 2 integrations.
First one to create the order in ERP Cloud and
the second one to get the status of order from ERP cloud.

These integration will be called from Mobile (MCS) and approved in PCS before ICS integration being called to create order in ERP Cloud.

Use Case:
Technician has been scheduled for an appointment with the customer since the predictive maintenance has detected probable issue with the equipment in couple of days and is visiting the customer site. While at customer site he determines that some parts needs to be replaced. Technician orders the part using the mobile application on his mobile device. The order will go through approval process, based on amount of parts ordered the approval will go through different approver. Once the approval is completed the order will be created in ERP cloud and order number is returned as part of notification to the technician.


Here is the full architecture of the various components we are going to build in next couple of labs and what we are focusing in this lab.

[Image: Oracle_ERP_Cloud_and_ICS.png]

Products used

You would need the following products for this use case

 Oracle Integration Cloud Service

 Oracle ERP Cloud

Complete setup guide is attached in this thread