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Full Version: DataLoad Templates for Oracle Financials
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We are publishing some sample DataLoad templates for Oracle Financials, along with their descriptions and navigation instructions.

Please note, these are only samples; you may need to modify the templates based on your Oracle application configurations. The blue columns represent DataLoad commands, the yellow columns is where you paste your data. Hope you will find the templates useful.

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Create Employee AP Signing Limits
Create employee signing limits for expense report approvals. Managers can approve an expense report only if the total amount of the expense report does not exceed their pre-defined signing limit. The Manager (Spending) Approval Process in the Expense Reporting workflow uses the signing limits to determine which manager has authority to approve expense reports. When you assign signing limits to a manager, you also specify a cost center to which this signing limit applies and you can give managers signing limits for multiple cost centers.

Navigation: Payables Manager: Employees > Signing Limits
Start Field: Document Type
DataLoad:AP Employee Signing Limits

Create AP Expense Report Template

Define your Expense Report Template based on the expense report forms your company uses. You can define default values for expense items and you can choose those items from a list of values when you enter expense reports. During Expense Report Import, Payables uses the expense item information to create invoice distributions. If your employees will be entering project-related expense reports, you need to define project-related expense items and associate them with Oracle Projects expenditure types.

Navigation: Payables Manager: Employees > Signing Limits

Start Field: Document Type

DataLoad: AP Expense Report Template

Create Standard Suppliers

Create suppliers in Oracle Payables.

Navigation: Payables Manager: Suppliers > Entry

Start Field: Supplier Name

DataLoad: Create Suppliers

Create Customers

Create customers in Oracle Receivables. You can enter as much or as little information in the customer accounts as you want. The only information that is required for a new customer account is a party name, account number, and address.

Navigation: Receivables Manager: Customers > Standard

Start Field: Name

DataLoad: Create Customers
Thanks a lot mate, this is of grate help and save much time.
Thanks a lot for the files. They are good.
Nice Material


(11-08-2012, 02:34 PM)jhonka Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks a lot mate, this is of grate help and save much time.
Thank you so much
when i am logged into my oracle erp cloud, where do i go to download ALL file based loader templates for item master, suppliers, employees, LOV's, Enterprise Structures, Locations, current GL/COA, etc.
Check this document link to load data through spread sheets in ERP Cloud.
Hi How to download these files?
(06-09-2017, 02:32 PM)adamtan Wrote: [ -> ]Hi How to download these files?

You have to become premium member, follow the instruction