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location of alert log in 11g
Need quick help.. not able to figure out......What is the location of alert log file in 11g as it has diagnostic des?
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In 11g the alert log file is written as XML formatted and as a text file. The default location of both these files is the new ADR home -Automatic Diagnostic Repository

 The ADR is set by using the DIAGNOSTIC_DEST initialization parameter. If this parameter is not set then the default location of ADR is= 'u01/oracle/product/ora11g/log' (depends on ORACLE_HOME settings).

 The location of an ADR home is given by the following path, which starts at the ADR base directory: ADR_BASE/diag/product_type/product_id/instance_id

 If environment variable ORACLE_BASE is not set, DIAGNOSTIC_DEST is set to ORACLE_HOME/log.
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