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What is included in Financials cloud
Sorry for this basic question....
1.    The Financials list shows Expenses as one of its functions. How is this different from the Expense module
2.    What is Financials - Advanced Collections?
Kind Regards Ahmad
Thanks given by:
Hi Ahmed,

Below are ans for your queries:

1. The Financials list shows Expenses as one of its functions. How is this different from the Expense module ?

The Expenses setup screens that core users access are included in Financials. The core users that will be administering the Expenses module with tasks such as defining codes for Airfare, Meals, Mileage, etc. and other processing rules are covered in the user count of B69711 Financials.

Fusion Expenses Cloud Service #B69713 is for pricing the number of expense reports submitted by the wider user community.

2. What is Financials - Advanced Collections?

Advanced Collections is for collections on your Misc. Billing/Receivables. Some Advanced Collections features are included with Financials such as the ability to send Dunning Letters.

(There is an optional Advanced Collections add-on for organizations with very high volumes that require automated collections strategies. I have never seen this used by Healthcare organizations.)

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