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Turning on Oracle EBS budgetary control
Dear Experts,

I'm wondering if any one of you have had any experience with developing a consulting solution for switching on budgetary control in an operational live production system:

We are live on R12 EBS for many years and now we want to turn on budgetary control(BC). The pre-requisite for this is to switch from our current standard accrual method to encumbrance(ENC) accounting method. Now after turning on Budegetary Control/Encumbrance, the PO/REQ's that were created Pre BC enablement cannot be further invoiced/processed as we have system encumbrance hold. Probably because these PO/REQ's are corrupti.e. they do not have a budget account in the distribution line since these documents were created prior to enabling BC. Where as REQ/PO's the are created after enabling BC/ENC have budget account populated in the distributions. Further, the budget is against a BC enabled project and no GL budgets are used.

Can any one share any experiences/success stories in building a solution/data fix for the above. None the less please share your insight.

Thanks in advance.
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i have got this info from one of my team mate..."The solution is to close all the open PO and PR before changing the accounting method to avoid data corruption. If the data is already corrupt, we can ignore PR’s and ask the users to raise the PR’s again for PO we need to update the PO_Distributions_All with a valid CCID having funds.
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