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Top 10 Interview Tips for Oracle Professionals
[Image: 1422649393_w4jaRshZP2pbrGF.jpg]
There are plenty of job opportunities for Oracle Professionals. In Oracle technologies, you could be a consultant, contractor or work for the company that has implemented any product of Oracle.
The beauty of Oracle Technologies, it’s always keeps evolving with the current requirements and so you always work on the latest and the best technologies. Oracle is releasing different products every year with the addition of new features based on the new R&D and era of Social Media . we have seen huge opportunities for Oracle Database, Fusion Middleware, Applications, Business Intelligence, Project Managers etc. This market is here to stay as long as there are number of companies like Oracle and SAP, MS Dynamics and Infor, Sage and Lawson…if you search on wiki they list more than 100 ERP Vendors, who are developing and investing lot of effort on new softwares
Contents of eBook are:
  • Introduction
  • Interview Process 
  • Telephone Interviews
  • Interview Time (Show Time)
  • Top 10 Interview Questions for Oracle Professionals
  • Must Send Thank You Note

Interview process starts with the clear objective for interviewee and interviewer
  • Interviewer will be deciding that this candidate is best for the job/opening.
  • Interviewee (candidate) will be deciding that this job is good for him and its meet all his ambitions, goals

You may ponder that this is a simple process but we would like to give you a secret tip “Treat yourself as a sales person and you are going to present yourself to your client (interviewer) and the product is YOU. Your objective should be to target what company is looking for so that your sales pitch hit that core objective
Let’s review what usually Sales Force do or typically they follow to sell any product and this rules applies whatsoever product any sales person is targeting.
  • Sales Person Must know about the product (what he is selling) and
  • Must know about target market/audience (who is going to buy)

These two key principle of sales process will facilitate you for Interview Process and just consider how you will be successful without knowledge of your product (yourself) and your audience (the Company where is your interview).

Your interview process begins the instant you have got interview call  

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Very useful, awesome content on Interview tips.
Thanks given by: Kashif Manzoor

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