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Script for Undo Information
01-29-2011, 01:35 AM,
Script for Undo Information
REM: Script : Undo Informations
REM: Author: Kumar Menon
REM: Date Submitted: 16-July-2009
REM:FileName: Undoinfo.sql
REM: Author will not be responsible for any damage that may be cause by this script.

spool d:\undoinfo.txt
SELECT (UR * (UPS * DBS)) + (DBS * 24) AS "Bytes"
FROM (SELECT value AS UR FROM v$parameter WHERE name = 'undo_retention'),
(SELECT (SUM(undoblks)/SUM(((end_time - begin_time)*86400))) AS UPS FROM v$undostat),
(SELECT value AS DBS FROM v$parameter WHERE name = 'db_block_size') ;

NVL(s.username, 'None') oracle_user,
s.osuser client_user,
p.username unix_user,
TO_CHAR(s.sid)||','||TO_CHAR(s.serial#) as sid_serial,
p.spid unix_pid,
t.used_ublk * TO_NUMBER(x.value)/1024 as undo_kb
FROM v$process p,
v$rollname r,
v$session s,
v$transaction t,
v$parameter x
WHERE s.taddr = t.addr
AND s.paddr = p.addr(+)
AND r.usn = t.xidusn(+)
AND = 'db_block_size'
BY ;

select l.sid, s.segment_name from dba_rollback_segs s, v$transaction t, v$lock l
where t.xidusn=s.segment_id and t.addr=l.addr ;
select to_char(begin_time,'hh24:miConfuseds'),to_char(end_time,'hh24:miConfuseds')
, maxquerylen,ssolderrcnt,nospaceerrcnt,undoblks,txncount from v$undostat
order by undoblks ;
set lines 160 pages 40
col machine format A20
col username format A15
select xidusn, xidslot, trans.status, start_time, ses.sid, ses.username, ses.machine ,proc.spid, used_ublk
from v$transaction trans, v$session ses , v$process proc
where trans.ses_addr =ses.saddr and ses.paddr=proc.addr
order by start_time ;

select to_char(begin_time,'hh24:miConfuseds'),to_char(end_time,'hh24:miConfuseds')
, maxquerylen,ssolderrcnt,nospaceerrcnt,undoblks,txncount from v$undostat
order by undoblks ;
Promot "following to show how much undo is being used:"

set pagesize 24
set lin 132
set verify off
col owner format a13
col segment_name format a25 heading 'Segment Name'
col segment_type format a15 heading 'Segment Type'
col tablespace_name format a15 heading 'Tablespace Name'
col extents format 99999999 heading 'Extent'
owner, segment_name, segment_type, tablespace_name,
(bytes / 1048576) "Mbytes",
from sys.dba_segments
where tablespace_name = '&UNDO01'
order by owner, segment_name ;

spool off
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