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R12.1.3 Upgrade from 11.5.10
Hi All,
We are in the process of upgrading the 11.5.10 Instance to R12.1.3.
The current Architecture is Dual Node with the Application Tier on one node and the CM and the DB Tier on another node.
On Future R12 the Application Tier is going to be on two nodes and the the DB on RAC.

What I will be doing is R12.1.1 Installation with Upgrade Option.

What should be the procedure to have multiple application servers?

Finish the upgrade on one Application Node and then clone the other Application Tiers?
Please suggest.
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(02-26-2013, 12:42 AM)Usman Wrote: Finish the upgrade on one Application Node and then clone the other Application Tiers?
Please suggest.

Yes you can use this option
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Can someone post me the technical changes to be done for Oracle upgradation from release to R12 12.1.3 ???
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Hi all,

Would like to get your expert opinion.

While doing some research I came to learn about Panaya ( Did anyone here use this product yet?

Thanks a bunch.
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What I heard, Panaya is pretty accurate (not 100% but still very good). Also heard they offer free trial. You may want to go for a test drive to see the value before you buy.

We are considering to give it a shot for one of our SAP module upgrade.
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