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Query Oracle iRecruitment candidates basic information
07-02-2015, 09:21 PM,
Query Oracle iRecruitment candidates basic information
Oracle iRecruitment is a full-cycle recruitment solution. It automates every phase of the recruitment process. iRecruitment integrates with Oracle HRMS to manage the entire workforce lifecycle. Information that the two applications share simplifies your day-to-day administrative tasks. For example, after you hire an applicant, your administrative staff need not spend time filling our forms about the new hire. The employee's assignment details are already available.

Basic info of candidate iscript

select distinct
       ppf.last_name family_name,
       ppf.first_name first_name,
       apps.hr_general.decode_lookup ('MAR_STATUS',ppf.marital_status)marital_status,
       apps.hr_general.decode_lookup ('AE_NATIONALITY',ppf.per_information18) nationality,
       trunc(ppf.creation_date) created_date,
       fu.user_name created_by
  from apps.per_all_people_f ppf,
       apps.per_person_type_usages_f pptu,
       apps.per_person_types ppt,
       apps.per_addresses pa,
       apps.fnd_user fu
 where 1=1
   and ppf.person_id = pptu.person_id
   and pptu.person_type_id = ppt.person_type_id
   and ppf.person_id = pa.person_id
   and ppf.created_by = fu.user_id
   and ppt.user_person_type = 'Candidate'
   and trunc(sysdate) between ppf.effective_start_date and ppf.effective_end_date
   and trunc(sysdate) between pptu.effective_start_date and pptu.effective_end_date
   and ppf.creation_date between :p_from and :p_to
   and ppf.person_id :p_id
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