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Oracle Fusion GL Beginning Adjusting periods
Hi Everyone, I am trying to find out if Cloud has a concept of Period 0 as a beginning adjusting period. I know in EBS/PSFT Oracle had this and this is where customers typically loaded beginning balances and then went to period 1 to start the year….In cloud I see you can make an adjusting period and we could make period 1 an adjusting period to do the same thing….however I can’t find anywhere if we can call it period 0. Does anyone know if we can?
Kind Regards Ahmad
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Hi Ahmed,
Oracle don’t have the concept of Period 0 in Cloud. Most customers want an adjusting period for year-end so we would define Period 13 as adjusting period. Although technically you could start with a period 13, I would suggest start from period 1 due to the way Essbase creates quarterly and annual roll up of accounting period dimension. Also, if the customer wants to do balance level currency translation, you cannot translate the first period that exists.

For Example: customer to go-live Jan 2018 and wants to have 12 months history. You create calendar beginning Jan-2016 with 13 periods, the last period being the adjusting period. Conversion of history.

Hope you will get ans.
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