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Oracle ERP Implementation Project Schedule based on OUM
With the release of Oracle Unified Method (OUM), New Implementation methodology premeditated to be used for all range of products of Oracle. It is a replacement of Oracle AIM. We were doing mainly AIM for all projects implementation and during recent months we have started using OUM for all projects so thought to share with you basic Project Schedule for implementation of Oracle eBusiness Suite project. I have left open ‘predecessors’ column in MS Project plan for you guys to decide and update as per your project schedule.
Project work plan as per OUM fall under following major phases
• Project Startup
• Inception
• Elaboration
• Construction
• Transition
• Production
• Project Closure

You can find Project Plan based on Oracle AIM
Oracle Implementation Project Plan

If you want to know more about OUM vs AIM, refer this link, its a video tutorial.
Oracle Unified Method (OUM) vs Oracle AIM

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.zip   Oracle ERP WBS Project Workplan based on (Size: 53.02 KB / Downloads: 555)
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Thank You for sharing. Appreciate great gesture. Please let me know How can I contribute to your group. I have some innovative ideas which I have already shared via otechtalks video questions on OPM/Discrete Mfg. I think you did not notice. I have lot questions only thing is are you interested to answer my innovative solutions & let me know How can I share my innovative solutions with Oracle .
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Thank you so much,
You can contribute to this forum, share your knowledge, any doc based on tools and tips for other members. This forum is open to all Oracle Folks.
Look forward to see your experience and knowledge sharing.
will reach you out directly on your email.
regards, Kashif
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