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Oracle E-Business Suite and using Oracle Database In-Memory
08-07-2015, 10:34 PM,
Oracle E-Business Suite and using Oracle Database In-Memory
Latest announcement in the month of August 2015 through Steven Chan Blog By Steven Chan - EBS-Oracle on Aug 05, 2015
Authors: Andy Tremayne and Deepak Bhatnagar, Oracle Development
Database In-Memory is one of a number of options that can be deployed to address Oracle E-Business Suite performance concerns and scalability requirements without the need for any application changes.
We are pleased to announce the publication of a new white paper that can help with this (including links to patches that you will need to apply): The paper starts by providing strategic advice and guidelines that help you decide which objects to populate into Database In-Memory (DBIM), and how to size the In-Memory Column Store (IMCS). It provides a list of best practices and explains the complexities and limitations of using DISTRIBUTE/DUPLICATE with Oracle RAC.
[Image: dbim.png]
The examples in this paper take a step away from the classic headline feature of analytical reports that you might have been expecting. Instead, they show how DBIM can be applied to three novel use cases:
  • The Order Organizer Form has a huge number of queryable fields that would all need to be indexed for optimal performance. DBIM provides a 10X improvement in the end-user response time.
  • The Initialize Credit Summaries concurrent program is unusual the optimization is based on an INSERT statement. It is also interesting as the example shows why simply populating objects into the IMCS can result in a performance reduction – in this case spilling to disk. Simply populating the objects into DBIM improved the time by 1.5X; further tuning improved on this to provide an overall gain of 3.5X.
  • The Receiving Transaction Processor had two long-running queries that reduced from 7.8 hrs to 4.85 mins representing about a 100X increase in performance. The overall runtime was about 4X faster.
One of the key aspects in the paper is describing how to use Oracle E-Business Suite Application Affinity with Oracle RAC. It describes how to overcome some of the limitations of Non-Engineered Systems (commodity hardware), and explains how it can also be used to benefit Oracle Engineered Systems.
Other References
The Oracle Database In-Memory blog contains a wealth of generic information, technical details, ideas and news on Oracle Database In-Memory from the author of the Oracle White Paper on Oracle Database In-Memory.
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