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Oracle AIM - RD050 Business Requirement Documents
RD050 – Business Requirements

The essential content of RD050 are as follows
  • Assign preliminary research topics to team members and confirm that they complete all research before the first design session begins
  • For each process step, document business requirements and indicate the source of those requirements.
  • Assess initial fit of application functions to business requirements at the elementary business function level. Make references to application documentation ornavigation and indicate where known gaps exist
  • Secure acceptance of the Business Requirements Scenarios
  • Review high-level gaps, and the approach to resolve these gaps.
  • Become familiar with Business Requirements Scenarios (RD.050) for the target process in need of mapping
  • Conduct mapping sessions to assess detailed application fit and create or revise alternative to business requirements. Map future business requirements to application features, programs, reports, and other standard modules

Attached Files
.docx   RD050_Account_Payables.docx (Size: 157.76 KB / Downloads: 808)
.docx   RD050_General_Ledger.docx (Size: 74.45 KB / Downloads: 550)
.docx   RD050_Accounts_receivables.docx (Size: 200.46 KB / Downloads: 463)
.docx   RD050_Cash_Management.docx (Size: 46.96 KB / Downloads: 428)
.docx   RD050_Fixed_Asset.docx (Size: 363.43 KB / Downloads: 410)
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Can any one help me with BR050 for Prpojects,any help will be really appreciated.
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How can we apply prepayment invoice to standard invoice through PPR in AP (R12).

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