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New User Interface Features in Release 12.2.4
08-28-2014, 08:56 PM,
New User Interface Features in Release 12.2.4
New announcement through Steven Chan blog
E-Business Suite Release 12.2.4
makes a big jump in our user interface.
Here are some of the new features you will see after upgrading to Release
  • New skin
  • Rich table interactions
  • Simplified home page
  • Support for gestures on tablets
This is the first in a series of articles detailing these new user interface

The most obvious user interface change for this release is our new skin for
both desktops and tablets. The new skin provides a cleaner look and feel in
Oracle Application Framework-based pages, with responsive features that give you
more space for controlling the application with your fingers on a tablet while
saving space on a desktop. Here is the new look on a tablet and on a

[Image: iPad_view3.png]
[Image: laptop_view2.png]
We now have a streamlined touch-oriented, icon-based global header (the top
navigation bar on the page). Users can choose whether to display icons, text
links, or both by setting a user preference. This feature is one of the results
of the usability
testing we did last year
, where we got user feedback for fine tuning the new
look and feel.

Setting Your Display Preference

To change the display settings of the icons in the header, simply select
Preferences from the Settings menu (gear icon):

[Image: header_settings_1.png]
Then you see the Preferences Page:

[Image: header_settings_2.png]
In the "Visual" region, "Page Header Display Style" field, select the choice
you want:
  • Both Links and Icons
  • Icons Only
  • Links Only
[Image: header_settings_3.png]
Apply your changes, and you're done!

Here is how the "Links Only" style looks:

[Image: header_settings_5.png]
Here is how the "Both Links and Icons" style looks:

[Image: header_settings_6.png]
We hope you like the new look!

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