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New Patch Wizard for EBS 12.1 Now Available
Latest news released through Steven Chan blog :

New Patch Wizard for EBS 12.1 Now Available By Steven Chan (Oracle Development) on Jun 20, 2014

Patch Wizard is part of the E-Business Suite's Oracle Applications Manager set of sysadmin utilities. It helps you identify recommended patches that have not been applied to your system. It does not report on all available patches. It
compares the patches you have already applied against a list of all recommended Oracle E-Business Suite patches. Recommended patches can include high-priority patches or patches that update to a new codelevel, such as release update packs
(RUPs), product family RUPs, and pre-upgrade patches.

A new update for Patch Wizard for EBS 12.1 is now available. This new release includes the latest InfoBundle (which documents EBS patch dependencies) as well as fixes for stability, security, and performance.

For installation instructions, see:
What's new in this update?

New features include a new "View All" button to save you from having to page through multiple tables of data, hiding of patches for uninstalled products, the ability to import formatted text when flagging customized files, and more.

[Image: pp-ch3-pwhomepage.gif]
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