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Learning Plan Anatomy in Oracle OLM
What is Learning Plan?

There are situations when a learner can plan to have a learning strategy which comprises of more than once courses. For example, An IT Professional want to do a PMP as well as Data Warehousing course. Both these course do not have any relation but for a learner, it might be relevant. In such situation, Learner can create Learning Path for him to create a group of courses which he wants to attend.  Such groups are called sections in OLM. A Learning path can have one or more sections.

Learning Path does not allow duplication of courses. It is simply a container for a logical grouping of existing courses, with some added attributes at the learning path level.

As per Oracle we can define it as Learning Path is a catalog object

catalog object that contains one or more virtual groups of courses(sections), helping learners achieve learning goals that a single course cannot address is called a Learning Plan

More details can be found from

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