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How to enter & display the statistical figures in GL module
Our company management would like to see the Numer of Patient volume in FSG report, so they can claculate the revenue per unit with patient volume....

Can any one suggest;

1. how we can enter and show the statistical figures in GL

2. how we can show these figures in FSG reports and their calculation with revenue figures.


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We can use "statistical" in Currency while entering a "New Journal Voucher"
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We can use the Journal with STAT currency to record any statistical figures (i.e non-finacial information) like number of share-holders, headcounts, patients volume, number of units (sold, bought, shipped, repaired, returned, etc.). Then these values can be used directly to display in the financial reports (like FSG) and/or they can be used in calculations e.g. to know about profit/loss per share by dividing the profit/loss figure with number of shareholders. In this case we enter the number of shareholders figures by using the STAT journals and then we will show the calculation with profit/loss figures in financial reports.

To enter a statistical journal:

  1. Create STAT accounts in the chart of account.
  2. Then navigate to the Enter Journals window.
  3. Enter your journal information, specifying STAT for the journal Currency.
  4. Enter your journal lines, using statistical debit and credit amounts. The debits do not need to equal credits for a statistical journal.
    Save your work.

To Display them in FSG reports:

  1. Navigate to Row Set Window
  2. Define the Row-10 with Control Value '10' and Account Assignments (This is the STAT row e.g. it displaying number of shareholders)
  3. Define the Row-20 only with Account Assignments (No Control Value, e.g. it displaying Profit/Loss amount)
  4. Define the Row-30 which show the calculation (Row-20/Row-10) earning/loss per share
  5. Navigate to Column Set Window
  6. Define the Column set with PTD-Actual values
  7. Navigated to Define Reports window
  8. Define the Report with Row Set and Column Set
  9. Define the Control values in Control Values window .... In Currencies region selected the Control Value '10', Currency Type as 'Statistical' and Entered Currency 'STAT'.
  10. Saved the Record.
  11. Run the FSG report.

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I just used this feature, very good.
thanks Omer
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