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Fusion HCM Payroll Printing
Can Cloud HCM support printing checks to local printers? Do we need a anything else for printer to work?
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Hi Jordon,

The Generate Check Payment process generates check payments, in a predefined format, for all payees (including third-party payees) with a method of payment of check and a net pay greater than zero. The format of printed checks and the information printed on the checks and check stubs vary based on your organization's needs and statutory requirements. Typically, you generate checks as part of the normal payroll cycle flow, but you can also run this as a standalone process in the Payment Distribution work area.

When you submit the check payment process, you select the payroll, process end date, organization payment method, and starting check number. Optionally, you can specify additional parameters to limit the scope of the process, such as the process start date, payment source, overriding payment date, ending check number, and consolidation group. Before you begin printing checks, ensure that the starting check number in the system matches the printed check. If your preprinted checks come in batches, use the ending check number parameter to specify the last number of the check number range.

You can view the results of the check payment process on the Payment Results section of the View Person Process Results page.”
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