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EBS R12 cannot print DPF
Hi Everyone,
We are on Oracle eBusiness version R12.1.3 on Oracle Linux (5.2 64 bit) and CUPS print server

and for PDF printing we are not using Pasta.. but using argument command to use acroread to print these output files to a postscript below ...

cat $PROFILES$.FILENAME | /usr/local/bin/acrobat4/bin/acroread -toPostScript -shrink | lp -c -d$PROFILES$PRINTER -n$PROFILES$.CONC_COPIES

The Request printing PDF trough this driver is runing succefly and we can preview the PDF, but not sending the output to the printer and giving lp error in the end of the log as you see below

Application Object Library: Version : 12.0.0
Copyright © 1979, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
FNDREPRINT module: Reprints output from concurrent requests
Current system time is 27-MAR-2012 17:43:56
Executing request completion options...
Output file size:
------------- 1) PRINT -------------
Printing output file.
Request ID : 7522411
Number of copies : 1
Printer : it
Finished executing request completion options.
Concurrent request completed successfully
Current system time is 27-MAR-2012 17:43:56
lp: Error - stdin is empty, so no job has been sent

Even I run the command from the OS gives the exact same result
$ cat 7522411.out | acroread -toPostScript | lp -d it
lp: Error - stdin is empty, so no job has been sent.

I belive that it is OS issue not EBS ...i have try to resolve it but i didn't find any solution...

Please help
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I have found similar issue on Oracle Community site, check if this can help you out, otherwise talk to your sys admin team to fix printer issue on the operating system
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