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E-Business Suite Plug-in for Enterprise Manager 12c released
Latest announcement by Steven Chan-EBS Development-Oracle on Jun 04, 2015 through blog

Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in is now available for use with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.  Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in is part of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12 Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite.
This latest plug-in extends EM 12c Cloud Control with E-Business Suite specific system management capabilities and features enhanced change management support.
The Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Application Management Suite for Oracle E-Business Suite includes:
  • Functionality that was available in the previously-standalone Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite and Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Oracle Real User Experience Insight
  • Oracle Configuration & Compliance capabilities  
Licensing information  
A license for Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control is required to use this product. There is an additional licensing cost for the Application Management Suite for Oracle EBusiness Suite.  A license for the Application Management Suite includes licenses for the E-Business Suite Plug-in, Oracle Real User Experience Insight, and Oracle Configuration & Compliance products.
This is a Development blog, and we don't have the background to discuss licensing in more detail.  We'd recommend contacting your Oracle account manager for more information about licenses.
Updates to product bundling
Features that were previously available in the standalone management packs are now packaged in the Oracle E-Business Suite Plug-in, which is certified with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control: 
  • Functionality previously available for Application Management Pack (AMP) is now classified as “System Management for Oracle E-Business Suite” within the plug-in.
  • Functionality previously available for Application Change Management Pack (ACMP) is now classified as “Change Management for Oracle E-Business Suite” within the plug-in.
The Application Configuration Console and the Configuration Change Console are now native components of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c.
[Image: Screenshot-AMP-12103.png]
New enhancements in this release
Quote:Discovery & Monitoring
  • Discover multiple Oracle E-Business Suite targets:
    • Customers now have the ability to discover multiple Oracle E-Business Suite targets in a single step using EMCLI command line discovery interface.
  • Instance Administration:
    • Instance administration helps customers to add or remove (Scale in or Scale out) application services, application nodes and managed servers by using simple user interface. This feature is very useful for those customers planning to upgrade to EBS 12.2.  This feature is supported for Oracle E-Business Suite releases 12.0.x, 12.1.x and 12.2.x.
  • Monitoring Concurrent Processing Service:
    • Concurrent processing monitoring has been enhanced to include additional capabilities to monitor Parallel Concurrent Processing, Concurrent Request Sets and Conflict Resolution Manager.
  • Monitor Mobile Web Applications (MWA) targets:
    • Capability to discover and monitor Mobile Web Applications Targets. Mobile Web Applications (MWA) is a node specific module. It will be discovered during application node targets discovery for Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 & 12.2 instances. The MWA target will be added as a direct member of EBS system.
Configuration Management
  • Compare Technology Stack Components and Versions:
    • Ability to view, search and compare Oracle E-Business Suite technology stack components and versions. This feature is helpful to view the complete inventory of the technology stack and the versions for a given E-Business Suite environment.
  • Search and compare NLS patches:
    • In addition to search and compare EBS patches, now administrators have the ability to search and compare NLS patches.
Multi-level Hierarchical Approvals
  • Currently, Oracle Enterprise manager allows one level of approval for changes. In this release we have enhanced the capability for super administrator to define multi-level hierarchical approval process. Using this process a hierarchy of approvers and sequence of approval can be associated with a specific EBS target. Once the change request is submitted, the approval process will enforce the defined approval hierarchy.
Quote:Patch Recommendations
  • This is a significant new feature that can reduce or eliminate research time for DBAs. Patch recommendations functionality shows list of Oracle recommended patches that are not applied to the specific Oracle E-Business Suite instance. This includes Oracle E-Business Suite module specific patch recommendations for EBS 12.1 and 12.2. Also, technology stack patches for Database, WebLogic server, Oracle HTML server and Forms for EBS 12.2.x.
Customization Discovery & Reporting
  • Customers can now easily view the inventory of customizations they have in any given Oracle E-Business Suite environment. Customers can view or download a spreadsheet of discovered customizations by customization type.
Automated Cloning for Database and Applications Cloning
  • A single user interface has been included to facilitate automation of Database cloning and Application tier cloning. Administrators can schedule the Database and Applications cloning in a single procedure regardless of the database cloning method they use to clone E-Business Suite database.
Installation & Upgrades
  • Customers currently running on Enterprise Manager 12c, can use Self Update to download and install AMP
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 4 (
  • One or more of the following Oracle E-Business Suite Releases
  • Release 12.2.3 or 12.2.2
  • Release 12.1.3
  • Release 11.5.10 CU2 with 11i.ATG_PF.H.RUP7 or higher
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