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Bulk and reference cursor
I simulated a sample procedure for my requirement. When i try to compile procedure it throws error 'cannot mix single and multiple rows ( bulk) into'...I have to pass a table as dynamic in a cursor ,collect the data and process it using and forall ...Please help me
create or replace PROCEDURE proc_1(t_name varchar2) IS
TYPE parent_rec IS RECORD (part_num dynamic.emp_name%type,part_name dynamic.emp_id%type,part_id dynamic.tel_no%type) ;
p_rec parent_rec;

rec_array SYS_REFCURSOR;

OPEN rec_array FOR 'select EMP_NAME, EMP_ID,TEL_NO FROM '||t_name ||' WHERE EMP_ID = ''1''' ;
FETCH rec_array BULK COLLECT INTO p_rec.part_num, p_rec.part_name, p_rec.part_id LIMIT 500;
FORALL i IN p_rec.first..p_rec.last
INSERT INTO dynamic_1(emp_name_1,emp_id_1,tel_no_1) VALUES (p_rec.part_num(i), p_rec.part_name(i),p_rec.part_id(i));

CLOSE rec_array;
END proc_1;
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