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Beginners Resources for Oracle e Business Suite R12 Learning
Resources to learn Oracle e Business Suite R12.2, you are new to Oracle Financials, SCM, HRMS or Technical, Apps DBA. The basics of Oracle EBS are here, just start learning from Oracle Apps Tutorials.

1.       To get Oracle eBusiness Suite Practice Instance Free Access, refer this link, Free EBS
2.       You want to setup your own environment of Oracle EBS, follow this doc
3.       eBook: Installation of Oracle EBS 12.2
4.       What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
5.       Why Enterprises Resource Planning Software
6.       What is Oracle E-Business Suite
7.       How to start career as Oracle Functional Consultant
8.       Basic Architecture Concept behind Oracle e-Business Suite Release 12
9.       Basic concept of Application Tier of Oracle eBusiness Suite R12
10.   Concurrent Processing Server Architecture in Oracle eBusiness Suite
11.   Database Tier basic concept in Oracle eBusiness suite
12.   Online Patching of Oracle eBusiness Suite R12.2
13.   Cloning of Oracle eBusiness Suite R12.2
14.   Basic Concepts of Oracle Financials – Oracle e-business suite
15.   Oracle e-Business Suite Integration Options and Tools
16.   Overview of Oracle e-Business Suite R12.2 Upgrade
17.   Secret Recipe of Successful Oracle e-Business Suite R12.2.4 Upgrade
18.   Oracle e-Business Suite on Oracle Public Cloud
19.   During Implementation how to do Process Analysis, As-Is Documents
20.   Oracle E-business Suite Implementation Operational Analysis Questionnaire
21.   How to implement and sample project plan get from this link of Oracle Implementation
22.   Check List to conduct Customer workshop
23.   Basic documents for Oracle financials
24.   Oracle E-business Suite R-12 - Oracle Payable User Manual
25.   Chart of Accounts Implementation in Oracle Apps R-12
26.   Interview Tips for Oracle Professionals
And there are many more documents are available in this forum for you to start learning, Good Luck and share your own documents, tools and tips with fellow members.
This is your chance to help other to learn, don’t just download doc and use it… share your knowledge with others.
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iam unable to download docs.can some one help.

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Hi Laxmi, Follow steps as mentioned in this note:
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