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Attachment in Oracle e-Business Suite
This week I got two questions on attachment in Oracle e-Business Suite,
Attachment: An attachment is any piece of non-structured data that is linked to more structured application data in order to illustrate or clarify the application data. For example, text files, images, word processing documents, spreadsheets, videos, and Web pages can all be used as attachments.
Q-1: Is bulk upload of attachments (for example passport soft copies, etc) can be done under document of records in Oracle eBS?
Q-2: Can we download/extract attachments from EBS?

Sharing with all of you the outcome based on my search:
The files go into fnd_lobs table as large objects, more info on this you can get from this link: Where are Employee Documents of Record Stored? (Doc ID 552806.1). FND_LOBS stores information about all LOBs managed by the Generic File Manager (GFM). 

How to Download:
Refer MOS note: How to Download Attachment File From fnd_lobs (Doc ID 1457782.1)
We will be using FNDGFU utility

How to Upload:
There is no public API available to upload in DOR, refer MOS note: Is There an API for Uploading Attachments for "Documents Of Record?" (Doc ID 1362126.1)
However there are some methods mentioned in following support notes:
Customer Issues: Is There Any Interface Or API To Import Legacy Customer Attachments? (Doc ID 552182.1)
How To Import Item Attachments Via API or Interface? Sorry, Not Supported... (Doc ID 1516752.1)
How to Load Attachments Via API into Service Requests? (Doc ID 394811.1)
Another good thread on Oracle community discussing the same topic:
Thanks given by: aklilu.wubshet

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